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The System for Community Liaison network

Can you or others in your community use an editor like the one below? If so, then you can give them their very own website for news, notices, surveys, meetings, other events, maps, weather, travel and links to anything on the internet.

You edit your site in boxes like this.
You edit your site in boxes like this.

The site is great for local government administrations and works for all sorts of local groups (e.g. farming, fishing, fungi-gathering). The system can have pages shared for projects, among all similar groups in a wide area and even a country, on health, education, tourism and other employment as well as conservation.

For other examples please see the links below. The editor back-office and sites are built to work in any language. Emails and mobile numbers can be registered for texting reminders of local happenings or safety alerts. Thus these local sites are flexible, connected, time-saving – and inexpensive ...

As a system run with support of national governments and pan-European organisations, each community site costs €99 per annum (for 100 Mb of material). This subscription can be met by charging five local businesses (e.g. hotels) €20 each for an advert on the “Classifieds” page.

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