Hiking (in the Alps) can bring amazing natural experiences
Hiking (in the Alps) can bring amazing natural experiences

In the 2010 survey by organisations linked to Naturalliance, rural households in 8 countries across Europe were asked about their activities in the countryside. The largest participation was the 70% of households taking exercise through walking, running, cycling, boating, playing golf or more extreme activities.

If you would like your exercise passion to keep paths and areas in a semi-natural state, to maintain the riches of nature, then Naturalliance wants to help you. Our guiding principle is that local landowners and communities too should benefit when others enjoy their countryside and its natural riches.

BEST PRACTICE. Portugal provides our example, for maintenance and recreation of natural habitats through golf courses.

PRODUCTION. The enjoyment of nature depend on how we all manage land and species. How can we make it worthwhile for more people to contribute?

PROBLEM-SOLVING. Where interests of different activities conflict, Naturalliance will link to solutions that benefit both nature and people.

MAPPING of routes is crucial to promote countryside exercise in harmony with the riches of nature. Naturalliance will provide the tools.

Please REGISTER, to help us help you to:

• Get maximum pleasure from your surroundings when taking the exercise you favour most;
• Find new routes for people that also provide habitat and safe passage for wild species;
• Enjoy your passion without disturbing wildlife.

When you register, you can complete our SURVEY to tell us what information you would most like.

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